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Jaylen Brown wants to create a ‘Black Wall Street in Boston’. What would that look like?

Aug. 14, 2023

By Shirley Leung

For decades, Black entrepreneurs and business leaders in Boston have worked without much fanfare to create jobs and wealth for their community.

Then Jaylen Brown uttered these five words: “Black Wall Street in Boston.”

After signing a $304 million extension with the Celtics, the richest in NBA history, Brown spoke about how he might spend the money during a press conference late last monthannouncing his deal. The star player’s message went viral in a way that only happens if you’re a pro athlete with a mega-size contract and megaphone that comes with it.

If Brown were to follow through on his words, to “attack the wealth disparity,” Black leaders believe this could actually mark a turning point in closing the racial wealth gap in the region. For years now, there has been the will and investment, but Brown could finally provide the star power necessary to get it done.

“Everybody expected him to get this deal,” said Eastern Bank president Quincy Miller, whose professional and nonprofit work has focused on equity. “What caught my attention was his commitment to investing in our local community, but particularly the Black community.”

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