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Op-Ed: Philanthropy doesn’t always get it right. Let’s re-think how we give.

Nov. 27, 2023

By Makeeba McCreary and Bob Giannino

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, when individuals around the world contribute to causes they believe in. Since its founding in 2012, it has grown into a global movement. In the United States alone, more than 20 million people collectively contributed over $3 billion to nonprofits in 2022 — more than four times the annual grantmaking of the Ford Foundation.

For those of us in philanthropy, it’s a day when the work we do is front and center in the public consciousness. For that reason, we’re using this Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to shine a light on our own sector. The truth is, philanthropy doesn’t always get it right, and we have an opportunity to change our practice and live up to the ideals we espouse. That applies to foundations large and small, but also to everyone making individual contributions on Giving Tuesday.

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