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Boston businessman following through on promises made after death of George Floyd

Feb. 2, 2023

BOSTON – Damian Wilmot is on a mission. Just two weeks after the death of George Floyd and during the height of the pandemic, he picked up the phone and called a handful of other Black and Brown executives around Massachusetts.

Collectively, they launched the New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund. Wilmot is the co-founder and chairman.

“We are really trying to do something different. The moonshot goal is to let’s dismantle systemic racism. And do that in these pillars, education, criminal justice reform, health equity and economic empowerment,” Wilmot said.

NCF provides funding, resources, and opportunities to Black, Brown and Latinx-led organizations. Since 2020 they’ve already raised more than $40 million.

“We have about 100 non-profit leaders in our portfolio. As of June, we have invested about $11 million,” NCF President Makeeba McCreary said. 

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