New Commonwealth Fund

We Are Reframing Philanthropy

NCF makes a forever pledge to build a Commonwealth where Black & Brown non-profit leaders and communities have equitable access to philanthropic dollars. We aspire to a world that listens to those who are most harmed by systemic racism and allows them to lead the collective movement to dismantle it – because we simply cannot wait for these injustices to resolve themselves organically, or for systemic racism to die from natural causes.

Our Origin Story

The New Commonwealth Fund emerged out of a moment that underscored the vulnerability of our Black and Brown communities in the Commonwealth. In 2020, nineteen Black and Brown executives gathered with the collective goal to fight systemic racism differently.

Since 2020, NCF has made good on the founders’ promise, by reinvesting $13 million across the Commonwealth with an unapologetic focus on organizations with Black and Brown leaders.

Origin Story

Our Grantmaking Pillars

NCF supports coalitions, community groups, and individuals in the development and implementation of effective asset-building and wealth-creation strategies.

NCF supports organizations working to implement policing policies and practices that deliver accountability, promote equitable outcomes, and eliminate the mass incarceration of Black and Brown people. We support those who have been impacted by the criminal legal system, by investing in organizations that promote public safety and support returning citizens.

NCF supports organizations taking action to increase health literacy and equitable access to healthcare resources, increasing the number of Black and Brown professionals working in healthcare, and working to improve the overall health outcomes of Black and Brown communities.

NCF supports organizations that focus on empowering youth by improving educational environments and reforming inequities that disproportionately affect Black and Brown youth. As we move forward, we are building a focus on organizations that work to amplify civic practices that grow leadership opportunities for young people as they develop into adulthood.

NCF supports creatives in a variety of mediums who uplift shared narratives focused on expressing the human, holistic, honest and celebratory histories of Black and Brown people and communities. We believe deeply that the arts are a critical portal for identity and culture narrations.

Our Grantmaking Pillars


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